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About Lampton Aerospace

Pat Lampton has 35 years of experience in the US Aerospace Industry. Pat has served as a Program Manager and Chief Engineer at NASA and the DoD on projects including the Space Shuttle, Ares, SLS, Mars Sample Return and many other programs. After his retirement from NASA in 2022, he formed Lampton Aerospace to continue to provide subject matter expertise in solid rocket propulsion and advise customers in the formulation and management of complex aerospace projects.


My Services

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Launch Vehicle Propulsion & Performance Subject Matter Expertise

I have held positions as the Technical Assistant for Solid Rocket Propulsion at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Chief Engineer of the Ares First Stage Booster, and Team Lead in the Marshall Solid Rocket Propulsion Branch.  These positions have provided me with a deep understanding of the design, manufacturing, and flight operation of solid rocket vehicles.

Program & Project Management with NASA and military systems

I have held numerous positions in NASA and DoD Projects including Deputy Project Manager of the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Project, Resident Manager for Space Shuttle Propulsion at the Kennedy Space Center and Specialist in Missile Warfare for the Secretary of Defense/Pentagon where I gained extensive knowledge and experience in managing large, complex US Government and International programs.

Vehicle Performance & Propulsion Education (Short Courses and Seminars)

For the last twenty years I have taught courses in Solid Rocket Propulsion and Advanced Launch Vehicle Design at the Marshall Space Flight Center, Kennedy Space Center and the NASA Engineering and Safety Center.  My course covers solid propulsion and related subject matter as requested, including the following topics: propulsion fundamentals, orbital/atmospheric flight mechanics, solid rocket motor design principles, thermochemistry, thermodynamics, ballistic performance prediction and statistical analysis.

STEM Outreach

I am committed to providing opportunities for students at the elementary, high school, and college levels to experience aerospace related projects. I have conducted events ranging from water rocket launches and simulated shuttle launches at elementary schools to deep dive internship opportunities for college students. I have had over 100 student interns during my time at NASA and over 90% of those students are currently pursuing advanced engineering/science degrees, are working at NASA, or are engaged in other STEM fields today. Lampton Aerospace recently sponsored local artist Abby Kramer to develop a mural in Austinville Elementary School, celebrating local space industry in Decatur, Alabama.

Mars Ascent Vehicle Propulsion Testing

The first stage solid rocket motor of the Mars Ascent Vehicle was successfully tested on April 7, 2023.  The Mars Ascent Vehicle will place the rock and regolith samples collected by Perseverance into a stable orbit around Mars where they can be collected for transport back to Earth.

Mars Sample Return

Lampton Aerospace is currently helping to develop the Mars Ascent Vehicle for the Mars Sample Return mission.

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